chantelleHere you will find all of our info regarding Beauty Treatments that we offer here at ‘Hair By Sapphire’. All of our beauty services are provided by our Beauty Therapist, Chantelle. You can find a full Beauty Service Price List below, as well as, a detailed description and explanation of our Micro-Blading Treatment. For more info or to book an appointment please Contact Us.


Eye Brows





Stock Brows


Brow Extensions




Thread & Tint


Full Face


Top Lip


Party Brow



 Individual Lash Extension


Lash Lift Enhancer (last 6-8 weeks)


Hal Set of Lashes & Lash Lift


Lash Tint


Cluster Lashes


Semi-Permanent Make-up Brows

Micro Blading (hair strokes)


Individual Strokes


Powder Brow


Ombre Effect Brow


Max Powder & Hair Strokes



 Lip Blush (subtle & natural)


Lip Blush (strong & full)


Lip Liner



 Soft Eye Enhancement Top


Soft Eye Enhancement Bottom


Top & Bottom Soft Eye Enhancement


Strong Eye Enhancement Top


Strong Eye Enhancement Top


Strong Eye Enhancement Bottom


Top & Bottom Strong Eye Enhancement


Eye Liner



Micro Needling (Derma Pen)


Chemical Peel


LED Light Therapy



Micro-blading, also referred to as Eyebrow Embroidery and Eye brow Feathering is perfect for who want to fully reshape, define, enhance their arch, or fill in gaps from over plucked eyebrows. The results can be as dramatic or as subtle as the clients desires.

Questions you may have about Micro Blading

Micro-blading is a form of semi permanent eye brow make up that resembles real brow hairs. During the micro-blading process a hand held specialist tool is used to create individual hair strokes one by one into your natural eyebrow. The micro blade comprises of between 6-14 micro needles ensuring the strokes are crisp and subtle. After this specialist skin pigment is deposited into the skin. Because the specialist pigment Is impacted so close to the surface the strokes appear more fine and therefore more natural looking.

Micro-blading lasts between 12-18 months and is an alternative to eyebrow tattooing which is more permanent. However it can last up to 3 years providing you get a top up every 12-15 months which can be seen as only a benefit considering the  eyebrow fashion can change over time.

The procedure does NOT hurt as effective topical numbing cream is applied before and during the treatment.
The appointment can take any where between 1-2 hours as I draw the shape of the eyebrow on before I micro blade so myself and the customer are happy and have an idea of what the end result will be.
A patch test and a mini consultation is required before any treatment takes place. This is so We can discuss what type of eyebrow shape you want and also choose pigmentation colours.

Benefits of Micro Blading

The main benefits of  micro blading in my opinion is that it’s a very detailed procedure. I draw the eyebrows on with a brow pencil before hand so the client knows exactly what they will look like once completed. Secondly there is no maintaining, after healing you can treat them exactly as you would your own eyebrows. And finally the strokes are so subtle and realistic it would be very difficult for someone to be able to tell you’ve had the procedure done.

Chantelle’s Work

Here you can see a selection of Chantelle’s previous work. Click on a picture to view the full image.